Long-Term Care Planning Month

Long-Term Care Planning Month occurs in October each year. Its purpose is to encourage older adults to examine their potential need for these services in the future. No one can predict the future, but you can plan for the future.

In honor of Long-Term Care Planning Month, we wanted to highlight Caring Strategies, a company in North Alabama that has been providing guidance and support to older adults and their families since 2007.

Caring Strategies’ Aging Well Blog has many resources about long-term care planning. If you or a loved one are looking into different types of care, this blog has a breakdown of each type of long-term care and what you can expect with each one. The cost of care is also an important factor when choosing which type of care is best for you or your loved one. This blog helps explain the cost range of each type of long-term care. If you or your loved one is unsure about which type of care will be best, this blog gives a relatable example of how to choose a facility based on your current situation.

Caring Strategies supports older adults in greater Huntsville as they plan for their later years. Visit their website at CaringStrategies.com or give them a call at 256-489-7573 to find out how they can support you.

If you or someone you know needs help right-sizing, contact us or call 256-316-1655 to schedule a consultation. Our team would love to help you like we have helped countless people across North Alabama simplify their lives.


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